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    Chinese mainland started staging ban incandescent , LED bulbs stimulate market opportunities


    Chinese mainland official from October 1 will be phased ban on the use and sale of incandescent light , first banned the import and sale of more than 100 watts of incandescent bulbs for general lighting and , within the future will continue to 100 watts , 60 watts, 40 watt incandescent light bulbs , etc. replacement , Wright photoelectric this is expected to increase the proportion of the Chinese market using LED bulbs , but the actual price of government subsidies , have a chance to help the Chinese mainland and the relatively low price of this price-sensitive market, improve people's livelihood LED bulbs penetration .

    China's year sales of about 1 billion incandescent bulbs , the total sales of approximately 8 billion yuan , but the LED bulbs because of the relatively expensive, making the final opportunity to replace much larger than 8 billion yuan . But because China is taking a phased into different levels of wattage incandescent bulb , the LED bulb penetration and business opportunities , it is expected there will be some stage .

    To replace the existing 100 watt LED bulbs , the number on the market are not enough , not too heavy ( because of the high wattage about 12 watts to 18 watts or more , the weight of the metal cooling fins are also heavy ) , is tile number because of the relatively high cost and the price is very high.

    Obtain more real leader , to replace 40-watt incandescent bulbs LED bulb wattage generally fall between 5 watts to 8 watts, and the price is the cost , technical specifications and quality of a great relationship in the market.

    In addition to the LED market in China , the world's countries are introduced in the ban incandescent bulbs , but the only truly disabled to less than 100 watt 60 watt , 40- watt incandescent bulb , is a comprehensive replaced by LED bulbs, energy saving bulbs time . Prior to that , LED bulbs will enjoy a period of growth .

    According to the report of the research data , the application of traditional incandescent light bulb is the most widely used class of table lamps, ceiling lamps and commercial lamps, these useful in indoor and outdoor lighting to the city, but the bulk of indoor lighting . At present, energy saving bulbs ( fluorescent light ) to replace incandescent bulbs proportion has matured, the need for greater breakthroughs will take some time , but relatively speaking, the higher the growth potential of LED bulbs , especially in terms of cost , price and technical Specifications are present and the future to enhance the economic efficiency of LED bulbs is more obvious than energy saving light bulbs .

    According to China's National Development and Reform Commission data , 2010 China's local production and domestic sales of incandescent lamps were 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion , while the proportion of China 's lighting electricity consumption in Chinese society as a whole 12 %. If the estimated effect of energy saving lamps replaced all emissions will be very obvious.

    Market Research in China in mid- 2012 launch of the "energy conservation " project , launched about 2.2 billion yuan of financial subsidies , to accelerate energy saving light bulbs , LED bulbs penetration expansion, not only in line with China 's road map out of incandescent bulbs Chinese officials are expected to promote LED indoor lighting products 1,000 ten thousand , LED outdoor lighting products 1,000,000 , also to require local Chinese LED industry development .

    As for Taiwan, but also to promote the LED bulb price subsidy program is expected to be published in mid-October , the expected amount of about 10 billion New Taiwan dollars , are also expected to benefit the local LED industry in Taiwan .

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