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led street lamp market increasingly driven by demand for open


Currently , led lights has become the trend of globalization, countries around the world to support the formulation of relevant policies led lighting , and actively promote the development of LED lighting industry . It is reported that in the U.S., Europe and Japan and other developed areas, has been basically popularized led lights. From a domestic perspective , in 2008 China's major applications used in the demonstration led lights, solar led, led full color screen display, landscape lighting , consumer electronics , etc. led backlighting applications , the output value had more than 45 billion yuan . For the period 2009 to 2010 led industry booming , China is not only investing in the sector increased significantly , but technically achieve a certain degree of breakthrough. Ji Ning Laite Optical

Some say that 2012 is a key year for the development of led lighting . Analysis of relevant research institutions in the EU this year, a total ban on sales of incandescent bulbs global demand led by 2011 's 596 million , a substantial increase to 2013 of 2.5 billion . In addition to general home lighting outside , led lights use in other areas have been continuously extended, according to research third-party research firm pointed out that in 2020 , the car headlights and daytime running lights market share of the world led lights in 2011 the ratio will change from 13 % to 34%. The agency analysis, in 2012 the world led architectural lighting market size will exceed $ 3 billion , accounting for led lighting market share of about 29%. Wright Solar Street Light

According to market research statistics show that in 2011 China's production led lights 680,000 ( excluding tunnel lamp ) , an increase of 58% , which led street lights installed capacity of 530,000 ( excluding tunnel lamp ) , an increase of 51.4% . If you include the tunnel lights installed capacity of 190,000 , then the total power led power led lights installed last year for more than 70 million units in terms of price 1000-2000 yuan per lamp calculated at 1.05 billion yuan market scale about . On this basis, plus the subway lighting, parking lot lighting and underground stations and other high-power led power installation, in 2011 the entire market size of about 13 billion yuan.

While the development of led lighting , led inevitably will drive the development led drive power and other industries . Relevant sector is expected in 2013 led drive power of the number will reach 700 million units , the market size will expand to 1.75 billion .

As technology continues to break led industry , greatly enhance the decline in their prices , as well as expand the application fields of penetration , led increasingly open market .