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    LED lighting integrated into the social life of the people


    Shandong Province, Jinan Ninglai Te Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. , a row of bright lights outside attention. Park heads pointing to the intelligent LED street light pole , "says this simple solar panels plus a battery pack , remote control lighting at night brightness can also be automatically locate the satellite positioning map position lamps damaged , to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance and management costs . " as an alternative to traditional high pressure sodium lamp energy , new photovoltaic lighting quietly into Shandong Province, the daily lives of ordinary people .

    Local officials told reporters , as the national semiconductor lighting industrial bases in Shandong 's semiconductor lighting industry ranked first in the country , the annual production value of nearly 40 billion yuan , has formed a system , a complete industrial chain. Outdoors , commercial, interior and special lighting applications lead the market direction , as a new field of energy LED lights industry gained extraordinary development , Shenzhen, many companies continue Lande LED lighting LED lights produce large orders , showing doubled growth. Reporters are very curious , in the fierce competition in the traditional lighting companies traditional energy energy base , how could such a rapid development of new LED streetlights industry ?

    Wright is a company engaged in LED lighting LED lighting product design and development, production and sale of the plant . Currently , LED lights, LED solar lights rise , replacing traditional street lighting is accelerating . Expected by the end of this year the market share of LED street lighting up to about 20%, while the next three years is expected to become the dominant source of road lighting . Such a development trend, the whole LED industry excited.

    LED lights so rest assured that enterprise , national and Shandong Province, China in the development of new policies to support efforts to LED lights industry is relatively high , such as new energy industry development funds and subsidies . Shandong LED lights industry is not only the leading edge in terms of scale achieved , but also in the field of standards launched reserves at a higher level and strive to lead the force , and strive to push forward the entire LED street from manufacturing industry to a higher level in the development of standards, in order to grasp more right to speak.

    Shandong LED lighting industry, and also do LED lights exports in Australia, Canada , the United States and other advanced countries , also benefited from strategic partners , the capital of Taiwan University , Tainan , Kaohsiung, Taiwan Yun Xing visionary companies, such as they enterprises LED lamp technology , LED power control technology research and other professional support .

    Although China is now the world's factory , China factory can produce many of the world of high-tech products and equipment set up , but so far , able to stand on the world 's most advanced R & D and production levels , and with their own core technology and intellectual property rarely . LED lighting and other aspects of the utilization of solar energy research and development, is one of them .

    LED lighting enterprises should achieve some breakthroughs in research and development as much as possible on even and processing enterprises in the production process, product design, the patented invention on practical , energy-saving design, even in the project realization related consolidated the supporting software and hardware , as well as plenty of space for development. Here, in particular, need to increase the patented technology , product innovation and process innovation inputs. Of course , you also need a certain degree of self-protection awareness , creating the need for timely and important invention patent protection.

    Reporters saw , by the Shandong Wright lighting technology equipment manufacturing enterprises advocated " Let us reform the traditional high pressure sodium lamp life " LED street light energy saving project at the moment is a nationwide promotion, the project faced municipal road lighting, tunnel lighting culverts , highway lighting demonstration and application of a wide range of users to solve the city road lighting electricity everyday stress and worries the government departments concerned , thereby reducing carbon emissions.

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