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    LED fluorescent lamp comparative advantages of the ordinary


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    Compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp LED lamp has the following advantages :

    1 green lighting, protect the earth . Traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor , mercury vapor if broken will evaporate into the atmosphere. However, LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury , and LED products do not contain lead, to environmental protection. LED fluorescent recognized as the green light in the twenty -first century.

    2 Efficient conversion , reduce heat. Traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat , and LED lighting is all the energy is converted to light energy , without causing a waste of energy . Moreover documents, clothing not fade phenomenon .

    3 quiet and comfortable, no noise . LED lamps do not produce noise, the use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the occasion is a good choice . Suitable for libraries , offices and the like occasion.

    4 soft light , protect the eyes. Traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, so will have 100-120 times per second strobe . LED lighting is to directly convert alternating current to direct current , no flicker , protect your eyes .

    5 No UV , no mosquitoes. LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet light , so not like the traditional lamps, as there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source . Interior will become more clean and sanitary and clean.

    6 . Voltage adjustable 80V-245V. Traditional fluorescent lamp is released through the high-voltage rectifier to light , when the voltage is lowered, you can not light up. The LED lamps in a certain range of voltage can be lit , but also adjust the brightness.

    7 save energy and longer life. LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is one-third less traditional fluorescent lamp life is also 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamp , long-term use without the need to replace , reduce labor costs. More difficult to replace the occasion .

    8 Rugged solid, long-term use . LED lamp body itself rather than using a traditional glass epoxy , more robust, secure , even hit the floor LED will not easily damaged, can be safely used.

    9 Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps , LED fluorescent lamp without ballast , no starter, no strobe.

    10. Maintenance , frequent switch will not cause any damage.

    11 safe and stable quality . 4kv can withstand high voltage low heat dissipation can work at low temperature -30 ℃ 55 ℃.

    12. Will not impact on the surrounding environment . No ultraviolet and infrared, no hazardous materials such as mercury, eye protection , and no noise.

    13 anti-vibration resistance, easy to transport.

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