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    First, the supply commitment

    In strict accordance with the time of delivery specified in the contract and provide services to ensure timely completion of the project .

    Product sticker stating "Manufacturers , telephone service , date of sale ," and so , in a timely and user-friendly contact us.

    When you first supplier to provide 5% of wearing parts for free. Supplied simultaneously issue a certificate that the goods comply with the provisions of the contract.

    According to customer needs , with the construction , installation guide , guidance and training units for users to complete tasks independently maintenance personnel to ensure the project is completed on time and quality .

    Second, the quality commitment

    The commitment of all products from raw material procurement to production process are strictly in accordance with the contract requirements and national standards to eliminate substandard products submitted .

    For quality issues raised by customers , in a timely manner and give a reasonable explanation for rectification .

    Third, the sales commitment ( warranty period )

    We are committed to the life of the poles of not less than ten years , other parts of the warranty period of one year .

    Repairs during the warranty period free of all faults and quality issues in addition to man-made damage and force majeure factors.

    Commitment repair response time of one hour , we will arrive at the scene as quickly as possible . Repair work to implement uninterrupted until troubleshooting.

    Well-developed customer profiles, regular telephone interviews , to understand product usage .

    Fourth, after-sale commitments ( outside the warranty period )

    All products provide lifelong maintenance , repairs outside the warranty period only charge the cost of materials , excluding labor costs.

    According to customer requirements , maintenance free training , operator maintenance , to ensure the normal operation of the product .


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